Dropship Order – AMZOrder Automation

You are tired of copying orders from Amazon to Aliexpress. AmzOrder will help you copy exact customer information.
Easy to click to order the product on AliExpress from Amazon
These features include:
– Easy ordering from Amazon via Aliexpress.
– Simple, easy and accurate operation.
– Function to verify orders.

Before using, read carefully

How to use

Step 1:
(1) Go to order manager on Amazon.https://sellercentral.amazon.com/orders-v3/ref=xx_myo_dnav_xx

(2) Click on the single detail.

Step 2:
(1) Click the Purchase button on the single detail screen.

Step 3:
(1) Enter URL product (Aliexpress Item Url).

Step 4:
(1) Select the variant of the product.

Step 5:
(1) The system will automatically fulfillment orders.
(2) The system will confirm the order information.
(3) You proceed to order.

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